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The NeuroGreen© Talk program focuses on developing your cognitive skills in these STE[A]M Career Areas:


Designers, Architects, Developers, and Engineers are the creative individuals that dream and dream big. They have our future stored in their heads and our goal is to help guide these creative minds as early as possible, for they are the ones that will innovate the world we love and enjoy tomorrow. 

Every successful business had a leader who was innovative and forward-thinking. The liberties that will sustain the next generation to come are the fuel of tomorrow's thoughts. Helping people who love to serve and bring bright ideas to business is not only one of our core missions, it is also our valued passion. 

Managing money and growing wealth are unfortunately some of the most challenging tasks that the majority of the world faces. We believe that the earlier we train a generation to see the obstacles and hurdles to balancing these tasks, the easier their lives and the businesses they create or run will be.

In 1966,  "The Coleman Report - Equality of Educational Opportunity” was published. How many of us understand how this report has shaped - and continues to shape - the core of our society and the educational systems that have been put in place to effect us. Most experts believe that little has changed to adopt this report's findings since it's conception, however law-makers are still writing legislation based on its findings.

The battle for a quality education that is meaningful for the student and community at large starts with:

  1. Great parenting and creating an expectation to succeed within your own home;
  2. Healthy social community - higher socioeconomic status, better jobs, and equal pay; and
  3. Quality teachers, with better benefits and earnings.

Through effective social communication and Neuro-Linguistic conversations - the protocol for every NeuroGreen© Talk course - we establish meaningful skill-building relationships with our student partners to enable them to accomplish fresh leadership and socioeconomic change. Creating STE[A]M skills in today's youth that pay above the average salary as early as possible should be our top priority as a technology-driven society. Their is no industry that does not require STE[A]M today. 

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    “The genius of and NeuroGreen© Talk will push the vision for STEM education forward, for generations to come”
    - William Anderson, Chief Technology Officer, Prince George's Community College

    In Partnerships With

    Prince George's Community College
    Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington
    Bowie State University
    African Community Bridge Foundation
    United Nations Association, Atlanta, GA
    Maryland Parks and Recreation
    Men Aiming Higher
    Patriots Technology Training Center
    My Brother's Keeper