Preparing you for a career in Information Technology

Our courses provide a foundation for problem solving processes, as they relate to app design, computer programming, software development, electronics, mechanics, data center administration, and networking infrastructure. Students will learn to use the top-down approach technology analysis, as well as how to use the various tools and techniques that have been developed to aid in the process. 

Hands-on coursework provides students the opportunity to work extensively with a variety of technologies by developing projects based on individual interests and their chosen course of study. This program is designed to prepare students for careers in the IT industry, however the skills learned can translate to any industry.


Career Skill Building Areas:

  • Computer Technician
  • Data Processing
  • Electricity and Electronic Fundamentals
  • Computer Software Programming
  • Mobile App Development
  • Website Development
  • Network Systems Admin
  • Music and Video Production
  • Graphic Design
  • Mechanics (Robots, Drones, Virtual Machines)
  • Architectural and Data Center Design
  • Cyber Security
  • Gaming and Gamification

Average Salaries:

A+ Certified







Skills before the bills, I love it.


— Jason A.

The conversations are inspiring.


— LaShawn K.

No better STEM investment.


— Kimberly C.



Your future career in Information Technology is waiting.

The rapidly-changing world of computer technology has created a growing demand for personnel trained in hardware and software skills. The NeuroGreen© Talk training program prepares students for a broad range of employment opportunities in the field; including positions in networking, software and mobile app development, database administration, gaming and animation development, and help desk administration. All courses are designed with the potential for transfer of credits to a four-year institution.